This open-source snakemake workflow can be used to analyse environmental risks to infrastructure networks using global open data.

We can use open-gira to analyse open data on roads, railways and their exposure to river flooding, or electricity transmission lines and how they're affected by tropical cyclones.

open-gira is a work in progress.


  • Automated pipeline for reproducible analysis anywhere in the world
  • Maps per-country and of larger areas
  • Charts/stats of exposure per admin region, per hazard type, scenario, epoch
  • Consider transport, electricity, water, communications systems
  • Consider river flooding, storm surge coastal flooding, tropical cyclones
  • Estimate direct damages to physical networks
  • Estimate indirect effects of disruption - people affected, economic activity disrupted


  • Using closed data, which may be appropriate for other projects or use-cases
  • Detailed operational/engineering level simulation
  • Long-term planning